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Mark Laprairie

#2302-193 Aquarius Mews
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2Z2



Cell: (778) 984-7772




Technical Expertise


 Languages  C++, CG, HLSL, C#, Javascript, PHP, C, CSS, VB, Unity Pro, Python


 Middleware  Ogre3d, Irrlicht, QT, Boost, OIS, RakNet, InTouch, Bink, Bootstrap, Thrift, AngularJS, CakePHP, jQuery, OpenSSL, Bullet, Havok, OAuth


 Software  Perforce, SVN, Visual Studio, SQL Server, NSIS, Photoshop, Audacity, Unity3D, MySQL, WordPress, Zbrush, Maya, 3ds Max, Final Cut


Relevant Experience

Software Engineer 2014

Klei Entertainment, Vancouver, BC

Current Employment


Rendering Engineer 2013

Capcom Games, Burnaby, BC

Developed 'Dead Rising 3' for simultaneous release with Microsoft's Xbox One.  Working under tight deadlines and shifting hardware specs, I pushed the visual bar through my work on tiled lighting, shadows, and ambient occlusion.


Creator / Lead Developer 2012

GameArt.me, Regina, SK

Developed and marketed a 3d art outsourcing business.  Oversaw content outsourcing, website development, analytics, marketing and payment management systems.


Creator / Lead Developer 2012

ZoomCalc.com, Regina, SK

Invented an instant, interactive, sharable, online calculator notepad. Built using Javascript, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Google's AngularJS, and with a PHP/MySQL backend.


Creator / Lead Developer 2012

FlowBoard.ca, Regina, SK

Launched FlowBoard, a Windows clipboard augmentation program. FlowBoard allows you to manage multiple clipboards through muscle memory and visual cues.


Community Producer 2012

Gamers' Den, Regina, SK

I worked with Access Communications to develop a video game television show.  I designed the format, oversaw production, staffing, and contributed on many technical aspects.


Control Software and Database Systems Programmer 2012

Stockdales Electric Motor Corp, Regina, SK

I developed complete industrial control systems, including HMI and PLC software.  I also developed custom transaction auditing and reporting software.  This product relied heavily on performance critical database development.

Data Wrangler 2011

IGN, Atlantic City, NJ

I worked to set up technical support systems for a live video production in Cesar's Palace.   During the filming of  the production, I was primarily responsible for archiving the event.


ACM UIST Innovation Contest 2010

New York, NY

I developed the Visual Clipboard for an unreleased Microsoft prototype called the Adaptive Keyboard.  The results were presented at UIST 2010 and I received first place for my implementation.  Featured on the front page of the Tested.com, Engagdget, Channel9, and Crunch Gear.  


Software Engineer 2009

Blue Castle Games, Burnaby, BC

I worked on Dead Rising 2, which sold 2.8 million units.  As part of the game-play team, I developed time critical software, including a robust method for splitting A* pathfinding across  multiple frames.  

Web Developer 2007
Student Connections, Regina, SK

I lead the creation of several large database driven websites while helping restructure internal  office procedure. Developed a custom CMS system using MySQL and PHP, which powered many additional websites after I left.




Masters of Science in Computer Science 2010-2011

Department of Computer Science, University of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Thesis title: A Practical Volumetric System for Indirect Visualization

Graduate grade point average: 91%


Honours B.Sc in Computer Science 2005-2009

Department of Computer Science, University of Regina, Saskatchewan.
Undergraduate grade point average: 86%


Awards and Certifications


  • 1st place, HackRegina coding competition. 2012. 

  • Unity Pro Programming Level 1, 2012 

  • Nominated for the Governor General's Award. 2012. 

  • Developed Saskatchewan's largest gaming community, SaskGamers.com. 2011. 

  • 'People's Choice' speaker, SaskInteractive. 2010. 

  • Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship. 2010. 

  • Academic Gold, for ranking in the top 1% of the faculty of Science. 2007. 

  • Academic Silver, for academic excellence. awarded three times 2006, 2007, 2008. 

  • Dean's List designation for a high academic standing. Awarded four times 2006-2008. 

  • Shell Canada Computer Science Scholarship. Awarded twice 2007, 2008. 

  • CompTIA A+ computer certification, 2006 

  • Saskatchewan Highways Orange Zone media competition winner: Computer animated commercial aired on television during the Summer/Fall 2004. 

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