Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard
[The Adaptive Keyboard] is a research prototype developed by Microsoft Hardware to explore how combining display and input capabilities in a keyboard can allow users to be more productive. The keyboard incorporates a large, touch-sensitive display strip at the top. In addition, the display continues underneath the keys, allowing the legends to be modified in real time. This lets you do things like change the character set to a different language or display command icons. ref

Adaptive Keyboard

The Application Launcher and Visual Clipboard
We developed software that provides two unique functions, the Visual Clipboard and the Application Launcher. The Visual Clipboard allows a user to easily save and recall multiple clipboards without losing focus on the source application. A visual representation of the saved clipboard data appears both on the keyboard as a small icon, and on the touchscreen in greater detail. In addition to recalling recent clipboard data we provided facilities to allow users to bind clipboard data to individual keys. The act of having the user physically bind the data to a key aids in retrieval. Users can recall the saved clipboard using muscle memory or by visually scanning the keyboard for the desired clipboard icon. Less experienced users may choose to keep track of important clipboards on the touchscreen by selecting them as favorite. The second function of this software is an Application Launcher which eliminates the need to minimize full screen programs to view and execute desktop files. Icons for the files in the selected folder appear on each key as well as on the touchscreen. 
Mark Laprairie, University of Regina
Spoorthy Seenappa, University of Regina

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